Challenging Ideas On Fundamental Elements In Shopping Sites

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Digital marketing platform provider SEMrush crunched traffic data (direct, referral, search and social) on fashion e-commerce sites, and found that social media plays a more significant role than non- fashion sites. Its analysis also ranked the top 25 global fashion sites by traffic — which placed in the number-one spot followed by in second and third. Based on the four sources of online traffic, fashion e-commerce sites generate 4.3 percent of traffic from social media channels, which compares to 3.2 percent for non-fashion sites. The results reiterate the important role of social media in driving traffic, the company said in its report. By type of traffic source, nonpaid or direct traffic garnered 56.3 percent of all traffic to these retailers while organic search came in at 30.5 percent. Traffic generated by referrals was 8.9 percent. Authors of the report said the company’s research “shows that social media channels can be useful for [fashion apparel] retailers. In fashion marketing, using different channels allows brands to connect with niche audiences and diverse demographics.” When SEMrush analyzed the data by location, it found that 57.5 percent of visitors to the top 25 sites hailed from the U.S. while 12 percent were from Russia, and 8 percent were from Turkey. India had 8 percent of the share as well. The company said it made sense that the bulk of traffic came from the U.S.

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