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Children could be pawned until their parents are back on their feet financially. They would emit a klaxon-like sound once a miscreant had been identified and he would be given a chance to spend more money or be summarily ejected. Suspicious luxury wardens The plan would be to persuade Ruth Davidson to launch a citizens army of volunteers trained to be vigilant of any signs of inappropriate excess. How galling it used to be, growing up and seeing children of notoriously poor parents, whom everyone knew were on benefits, walking into school with shoes on their feet and coats in the winter. Worse, some of them returned after the holidays with tales of having sojourned in exotic, overseas locations, while your own hard-working parents could only afford a caravan in Saltcoats . At any sign of excess a jar of mayonnaise rather than salad cream, perhaps a citizens arrest would be made and the maelfactor forced to justify their expense at a local holding pen. Child pawn shops On benefits and thinking of having another child? Well, think again. What could be more irresponsible than bringing a child into the world who is wanted and loved but unable to be afforded? Some liberal types think that poor people should be able to have children, too, but I dont agree.

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The poll found about 40 percent had not argued with a family member or friend over the race. The election also enabled a significant number to forge new bonds - 21 percent said they became friends with someone they did not know because of the election, though the poll question did not ask respondents to specify if the friendship was with someone from a different party. Sandi Corbin, a retiree in East Galesburg, Illinois, said she has visited some of the new friends she made because of their shared support for Clinton. "We talk all the time now," she said. "I would say that's a plus from the election." The election's fervor has spilled into the streets since Trump's inauguration on Jan. 20. Hundreds of thousands of people marched in protest on the day after Trump took office, and there have been demonstrations against a travel ban on visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries. Arguing over Trump has become a bitter reality for many Americans. "Once people found out I had voted for Trump the stuff started flying," said William Lomey, 64, a retired cop in Philadelphia who no longer speaks with a friend he grew up with after they clashed on Facebook over the election.

"We suggest shoppers come in early for the best selection," said Goldstone. Some background about the company: founded in 1906 by Myer Nathan Goldstein, Goldsteins started in business as a small general merchandise store in Sharon, Pennsylvania, under the name of M.N. Goldstein Co. Steve Goldstone, Arthur's son and fourth-generation family member, joined the business in 1981 when he was a high school senior. In 1988, the Boardman Plaza store relocated to a new, free-standing building in Canfield, Ohio. At that time, all three of the company's retail stores operated under the name of "Fabulous Goldsteins." In 1995, Arthur Goldstone bought out his brother Mike and became the sole owner of all three Goldstein companies. In 1997, the companies merged into M.N. Goldstein Co. and began operating as Goldsteins Furniture. In 1998, a new free-standing store was built in Niles, replacing the Eastwood Mall location. In 1999, Steve Goldstone assumed the role of president/CEO of Goldsteins.

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