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More companies have come online in the past year. Last June, Smith's Food & Drug began implementing its Click List program. As of last week, it had 20 stores in Utah offering the service, said spokeswoman Marcia Gilford. Associated Food Stores in Utah also has embraced the technology: The Macey's Anywhere program is available at the

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12 Macey's grocery stores between Logan and Provo; Lee's Online is available at stores in Logan, North Ogden and Smithfield; Winegars Curbside can be used at its stores in Bountiful and Roy; Lin's To Go is available in St. George and Hurricane; and Fresh Market to Go is available in Kaysville. Harmons Grocery Stores will be jumping on the bandwagon soon, too, offering online ordering sometime in 2017, said spokeswoman Marcy Rice. Whole Foods' service has not yet made its way to Utah. Stewart, who shops at Macey's in Sandy, says the online shopping not only saves her time and "gives me back my Saturday afternoons," but it also helps her avoid impulse buying. "I'm not walking through the store, grabbing things because they look good or the kids want them," she said. How to shop While the technology varies from store to store, the process is usually the same: Customers go to the store website to order items from milk and eggs to apples and zucchini.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit found by BBC Monitoring 16 January 2017 LinkedIn Image copyright Christopher Furlong/Getty Images Image caption The midwives want to prepare women who may go into labour en route to the hospital Expectant parents in a town in Sweden are being offered training on how to deliver a baby in a car after the local maternity ward was earmarked for closure. Two midwives at the hospital in Solleftea came up with the idea in order to help mums- and dads-to-be feel safer during the long journey to the nearest maternity unit, The Local reports . From February, that will be in either Ornskoldsvik or Sundsvall - both more than 100km (62 miles) away. Stina Naslund, who is leading the course, says that she knows many people are anxious about travelling such a long distance through rural areas, particularly in dark winter conditions. Ms Naslund tells The Local that she wants to prepare people for what could happen. "Car accidents, the car could break down, you maybe drive off the road. You have to be ready, and the worst could happen even if it is very, very uncommon," she says. The training will include what to do if the baby's arrival is imminent, The Local notes. The decision to cut the maternity services in Solleftea, which has a population of around 9,000 people, was part of a cost-cutting measure passed in October, Expressen reports .