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Naturally, everyone wants the big one. Every host is essentially throwing an extravagant party for dreadful people in the desperate hope that a certain someone will come. Think of it all as The Great Twatsby. Is Donald coming? asks a miniskirted judge who has a show on Fox News. Dont know, says Andy, though I think we do. At different points during the evening, various men are presumed to be secret service operatives covertly sweeping the room, but Trumps failure to materialise either via the door or through a haunted mirror suggests they were actually just guests with shifty eyes and really thick necks. Thus it was up to Nigel who can only be days off a mid-Atlantic accent to provide the box office. Donald Trump, he told the room, is the only person I have ever met in my life who makes me feel like an introvert. What about Russell Brand on Question Time, when he called you a pound shop Enoch Powell ? But of course, no one here saw that show.

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