Useful Ideas On Uncomplicated Swimsuits Methods

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On Monday, the retailer debuted its first official swim collection with a 47-piece deep range that'll fulfill all your summer dressing needs. It's a category that the idea has been floating around since the brand was revived three years ago, according to Jodi Arnold, Eloquii's vice president of design and creative director. "As with everything we do, we listen to our customers and what they are asking for," she told Refinery29, noting that the company has received "thousands of requests" to delve into bathing suits. "Swim has been at the top of the list of our most searched terms on a weekly basis since we launched three years ago. We wanted to make sure we did it right when we finally launched, so it took a few years, but we are really happy with the product." And they’re not the only ones who are happy. If you love Eloquii’s standard fare, chances are you’ll be obsessed this line, with its on-trend designs, playful prints, and unique silhouettes not commonly seen in the plus-size swim space. (It doesn't hurt that the collection is incredibly Instagrammable, either). Unsurprisingly, the fashion-forward pieces are spot-on with Eloquii’s typical aesthetic — and its keen eye towards construction and fit. "We approached it just like we do the clothing...strictly in terms of fashion," said Arnold. "We partnered with a very good swim manufacturer who was able to help us with all of the construction and fit details that come with fitting bra cups and working in a fabrication that we were not used to, but just like our clothing our aim was to give this customer fashion while at the same time delivering to her fit and quality." On top of the designs (Arnold told us a lot of the suits draw from current trends in sportswear), the entire collection is easy on the wallet: Pieces start at $49.90 and cap out at $119.90 — plus, you know Eloquii loves to do sales, so don't be surprised if those get even lower as the season continues.

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